Wednesday, November 05, 2008


let me begin this entry on my blog with, I am a republican.. maybe more of a fringe republican with more independent views than any.
The election of Barak Obama may be the true begining of potential world unity. Please I am not naive, but it is a true begining for all of us to relate to each other on a new level.
Though I am a rebublican, I voted for Barak Obama. As I stodd in the voting booth, I prayed, I never pray for anything, anyone who knows me would know I'm not into throwing my eggs all into one basket so to speak... but I, believe in Barak Obama, maybe America will will finally take that next step forward in growth, and I mean growth that we have not experienced just yet. Entrusting our leadership, identity and our future in hands that didn't practice segregation, violent wars and worse yet self agenda.
Maybe it's about all of us globally thinking as one, as we do in our hobbies, sports, community groups, brewfests, bar-b-que cook offs.... it;s all about one thing which I think is unity.

for what is is worth, Barak Obama is not "black, he's a medium brown, I'm a light olive with some pink, my wife is pink with hints or coral and she tans wondefully, some of my friends have pink and yellow in their skin, some of my best friends and brown and moca, they all have unique traits which makes them special and obviously unique. Barak Obama is not the forst Black president, he;s the first President to appeal to a modernization of global unity in his own unique way.

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Crystal said...

This is why I still read your blog even though you don't post often enough :P. Love this one!